Tilcor products are designed to meet all extreme weather, and they always meet the requirements of the Building Code. Providing peace of mind for home owners, design professionals and partners providing a comprehensive Tilcor 50-year pro-rata weatherproof warranty.


The Company warrants that each Zincalume roofing tile comprised in the roof fitted to the purchaser’s property described below; will carry a 50 year pro-rata weatherproof warranty.  This warranty is a full 25-year weatherproof warranty plus a diminishing pro-rata weatherproof warranty for the subsequent 25 years. Should any tile not remain weatherproof over this period the Company may at its option repair or replace the tile. The Company’s obligation under this section of the warranty shall be limited to the cost of the remedial work during the first 25 years following the date of this warranty, and thereafter shall be limited to sharing the costs with the purchaser based on the schedule on the warranty.


The installation contractor warrants that defects in the purchaser’s roof arising within five years of the date of this warranty and caused by faulty workmanship in the fitting of the roof shall, within a reasonable time, be made good by the installation contractor and without cost to the purchaser.

For the comprehensive Tilcor 50-year pro-rata weatherproof warranty, please download the document below.

Textured Warranty